Androidify was part of the Android’s “Be together. Not the same.” global campaign in 2014. It featured a website and app where users could customize the Android mascot to look like themselves. The campaign kicked off in Times Square where passersby could project their characters on to the big screen, and play games with one another in real time.

Role: UI, UX, visual design
Credits: Richard The, John Watkinson, Matt Hall, Jonathan Jarvis, Suzanne Chambers, Asa Block, Isaac Blankensmith, Mike Bodge, Monica Kim, Scott Balles, George Michael Brower, Lucas Hearl, Red Paper Heart, Magnetic
Release date: December 2014
Press: The Verge, PC Mag, Endgadget, NBC News, TheNextWeb, FWA, Business Insider, Gizmodo, BGR
This is the portfolio of Glenn Cochon, with selected works from 2011 to 2021