Android Experiments was a showcase of inspiring projects on Android and an open invitation for all developers to submit their own experiments to the gallery. Because Android was created as an open and flexible platform, was meant to serve as hub of creativity and celebrate the experimental work of Android developers everywhere. The curated site launched in 2015 with 12 experiments and grew to hundreds over the following years. Participating developers were invited to Google I/O each year where the most innovated Android apps were featured on display.

Role: UI, UX, visual design, branding
Credits: Richard The, Isaac Blankensmith, Shayan Amir-Hosseini, Suzanne Chambers, Kyle Phillips, George Michael Brower, Anthony Tripaldi, Philip Stockton
Release date: August 2015
Press: The Verge, PC Mag, Endgadget, NBC News, TheNextWeb, FWA, Business Insider, Gizmodo, BGR

This is the portfolio of Glenn Cochon, with selected works from 2011 to 2021